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Thiruvananthapuram: Timely action by a young woman helped police nab an exhibitionist, who is a repeat offender, from Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station on Tuesday. Twenty-two-year-old Raziya Sajith reported to the police about a man, whom she had found flashing his private parts and masturbating in front of women passengers in trains.

Based on the complaint of Raziya (who has given consent to TOI to reveal her identity in news report), Thampanoor railway police arrested Chirayinkeezhu-native Majnu, a retired teacher on last Friday. Railway police said that the accused was released on bail later.

Raziya had first met the accused during a train journey around five years ago when she was travelling to Kottayam. “There were lot of vacant seats. But he came and sat just opposite to me, near my father. I was sleeping near my mother. When I opened my eyes, I saw him masturbating. I alerted my mother, who tried to inform my father. By that time he sensed the situation and escaped. I saw him at Varkala station on the return trip where he was roaming around women,” said Raziya, a BTech graduate who is doing internship in an IT firm in the city.

A regular train traveller, who commutes between Thiruvananthapuram and Varkala, Raziya saw him multiple times in trains. “During my first year in college, I saw him escaping from the train at Kollam when a group of girls raised alarm against him. Then I realized that he is doing this repeatedly. During my final year, when I was sitting at a waiting room at Varkala, he came and sat near me. As usual, he kept his bag on his lap to hide what he was doing. I was so scared that I went away. I had no courage to file a complaint at that time,” she said.

Raziya, however, was prepared when she met him at the railway station again this time. “I met him again at Varkala station last week. When he came to sit near women, I raised to call the police. Then I noticed that he was boarding the train. So I followed him. Inside the train, I saw him exhibiting his perverted behaviour in front of a girl. I quickly alerted the girl,” she said.

Sensing trouble, the offender moved to another coach. Razia called the railway control room number and the police asked her to keep a watch on him. When he was about to alight at Thiruvananthapuram Central, she alerted police about the colour of his shirt and other identification features. He tried to run away, but, the police nabbed him.

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