Waves to be high tomorrow, fishermen told to stay put | Goa News


PANAJI: With the sea likely to be rough nearshore along the coast from 6 pm on Sunday to 11:30pm on Monday, the waves are expected to swell higher and rise around 1.5 m to 2.1 m.

Indian national centre for ocean information services (INCOIS) has issued a rough sea alert for several states and union territories from Andaman and Nicobar islands and Tamil Nadu to Kerala, and Lakshadweep right up to Goa and Maharashtra. Fishermen have been asked not to venture out to sea due to the choppy sea conditions. As per the high tide calendar for Panaji, the high tide rise will be 2.26 m at 10.16pm on Tuesday, 2.32 m at 10.55pm on Wednesday.

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