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PANCHKULA: Vandalism and people’s objections have prompted Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) to propose that consent of residents welfare associations (RWAs) be taken before finalising the site of liquor vends in their areas.

Huda estate officer Ashutosh Rajan has sent a letter to the excise and taxation department to consider the plan while fixing the liquor vends in the coming financial year. He said the land for liquor vends belongs to Huda and it will have to take approval of residents.


Location of liquor vends in residential areas has always been a source of problem for the inhabitants. In many cases, the outlets had to be shifted out after the people complained of nuisance from the customers by way of drinking in cars and harassment of women. In Tamil Nadu, the high court has barred opening or relocation of liquor vends in residential areas after a string of protests by women. The latter were of the view that proximity of the outlets made the men drink more and it led to alcoholism. The Haryana Urban Development Authority’s proposal of consulting the resident welfare organisations before deciding on the site of a vend is a good move. However, the welfare bodies must also take the view of women before giving their nod.

Explaining the process, he said when the department will be deciding the place for the liquor vend, an RWA person would be called and suggestions taken before the final decision, so that both residents and liquor vend owners do not develop any differences.

Rajan said, “This is a long pending issue. With this step, the problem will not arise in future.”

A reply from the excise and taxation department is awaited on Monday. Citizens welfare association has appreciated the step “If everything will go as per the plan, it will be good for residents, especially women, who face problems while crossing the liquor vends,” said an association member.

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