Red Dead Online Beta Gets New Fishing Challenge Free Roam Event


Red Dead Online Beta Gets New Fishing Challenge Free Roam Event

Red Dead Redemption Online Beta events come with special gear and bonuses

In case you’re running out of things to do in Red Dead Online Beta, Rockstar Games has announced a new Fishing Challenge free roam event. As the name suggests players get to compete with other anglers across three different kinds of water bodies present in Red Dead Online (lakes, rivers, and swamps) and the winner is decided based on whoever catches the most weight in fish. The Fishing Challenge is the first event in Red Dead Online Beta’s free roam rotation, and the company has provided a handy schedule that gives players a roadmap of upcoming events.

The Fishing Challenge free roam event goes live today, after which the events listed in the Red Dead Online schedule are –

  • March 20 – Free Roam Event: Fishing Challenge
  • March 26 – Target Races and additional PS4 early access content: Open Target Races
  • April 2 – Showdown Mode: Up In Smoke
  • April 9 – Showdown Mode: Plunder

These events come with special gear for the players in the form of bonuses including XP boosts, discounts, care packages, and more, along with new limited time clothing coming in and out of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue.

red dead fishing Red Dead Online Beta Fishing Challenge Free Roam Event

Gator Hat, Ortega Vest and Woodland Gloves from the Fishing Challenge


For the Fishing Challenge, limited time additions to the Catalogue are Gator Hat, Woodland Gloves, Ortega Vest, and Pelt Half Chaps. This week players get a 30 percent XP boost on hunting animals, along with a Fishing Care Package that includes 5x Live Crickets, 1x River Lure, 1x Lake Lure and 1x Swamp Lure.

In case you’re looking at a bigger push to get on to Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 has recently received a price drop in India, as we recently reported.

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