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JAIPUR: As temperatures rise, water scarcity has become a cause of concern for people in the city. Residents of Barkat Nagar have complained that they are receiving drinking water for just 20 minutes, and that too at a low pressure.

Sanjay Parashar, a shopkeeper at Barkat Nagar said, that water supply time has gone down by 25 minutes and now-a-days, they have been struggling to fill their buckets. “Water is being supplied maximum for 15-20 minutes, two times a day, in which we have to wait patiently as the pressure is very low. Earlier, the pressure was good and the water used to reach till first floor, but now we have to come to the ground floor to fill the drinking water,” said Sanjay.

Amid scarcity of water, there has been a rise in the demand of private tankers in the city. As per the residents, private tankers’ prices have shot up. “One tanker used to charge Rs200, which has now increased to Rs400-500. With pressure of water being low and shorter supply timings, we have to purchase tankers on higher rates, that turn up after two-three days, due to higher demand. Many times, we have to purchase water in black, that costs us Rs700-800,” said Hemant Sharma, a resident of Mahesh Nagar.

Residents recalled an incident when a few days back, for around five days, sewerage water was supplied to them and many fell sick after consuming it. After many complaints to the department, the issue was solved.

Due to low rainfall last year, water level in the Bisalpur Dam has gone down and the onset of summers has brought in water woes for the residents.

Though the PHED claims that they haven’t reduced the water supply anywhere, yet as per one source from the department, water supply has been reduced by 20% in the city. For the first time, PHED has also reduced the supply of water to the VVIP bungalows in the city. In the VVIP bungalows, water was supplied for 24 hours but now it has been reduced to just 16 hours. The remaining water in the dam is sufficient till August.

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