Jack Dorsey: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s one-meal-a-day diet & ‘ice baths’ spark debate


NEW DELHI: Jack Dorsey, the 42-year-old founder of Twitter, fasts for 22 hours a day, walks five miles to his office, skips breakfast and lunch, and only ever eats meat and fish with salad or a green vegetable, followed by a fruit. Most challenging of all, he sits in an ice bath for 15 minutes for “mental clarity”. At weekends, he goes without food, only sipping water for two days at a time.

In a podcast with fitness personality Ben Greenfield, Dorsey said the punishing health regimen helped him “stay sharper”. “…You have this very focused point of mind… I can go to bed and actually knock out in 10 minutes.” Dorsey’s unconventional eating habits (five meals a week) has sparked a debate on social media.

“These aren’t ‘wellness hacks’. These are disordered eating behaviours…,” tweeted one user.

Why Twitter’s CEO took home just 140 cents in 2018

Dorsey has for years elected to not receive any salary, bonuses or stock awards from Twitter “as a testament to his commitment to and belief in Twitter’s long-term value creation potential”, the filing said.

Dorsey, who also does two-hour meditation daily, had tweeted in January about his eating routine, drawing criticism.

“Been playing with fasting for some time. Biggest thing I notice is how much time slows down. The day feels so much longer when not broken up by breakfast/lunch/dinner.” he tweeted.

One user replied: “Disordered eating to approximate the suffering induced by poverty… Playing is so much fun”.

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