In a first, 5,000 to tie turbans together | Jaipur News


JAISALMER: For the first time, a record will be made at the turban-tying competition at desert festival in Jaisalmer, which will be organized between February 17 and 19. In the series of innovations, ‘Safa Sirmor, Jaisalmer jor’ on February 17 from 4pm to 6pm, 5,000 people will tie turbans together. The festival is aiming to set a world record in which 5,000 people will tie turbans together. The programme will be organized at Shaheed Poonam Singh stadium.

Under the direction of deputy commissioner colonization and fair incharge Mohandas Ratnu, trainers are training people to tie turban at schools. Apart from this, for the 1st time, on February 16, a heritage walk will be organized which will start from Sonar Fort, and passing through tourist spots, will reach ancient Gadiser Lake where ‘deep daan’ will be held. District collector Namit Mehta said the desert festival will be organized with much fanfare. Tourism department and district administration have started preparations.

He said for the first time, there will be a turban-tying competition in which 5000 people will participate.

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