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HYDERABAD: Five crore tamarind saplings will be distributed among farmers free of cost during the Harithaharam programme of the state government. Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who conducted a review meeting on agriculture on Tuesday said there was a need to grow tamarind trees which had become scarce. In Telangana, tamarind is used widely in cooking. KCR also said doctors were of the opinion that the “Telangana Sonalu Rice” was better in regulating and preventing diabetes and therefore steps such be taken to cultivate such food products more.

KCR said self-help women’s groups would be entrusted with the responsibility of making turmeric powder, mirchi powder, tur dal, pure ground nut oil, and sesame oil. He said not only would the farmer get a better price for the produce and women get employment, the consumer will also get pure products and will not have to buy spurious items.

The chief minister instructed the officers to put a strategy in place to provide minimum support price to farmers as there would be an increase in agricultural produce because of 1.25 cr acre of land which will get water for irrigation. He asked officials to identity national and international competitors for the agricultural produce in the state and evolve a strategy to face competition so that the farmer gets the best price.

The chief minister has instructed the agriculture department to begin a survey in the next 10 days to find out what are the food produce needs of Telangana. The survey will have to find out what people consume, what is produced and what is being imported as of now.

KCR asked officials to tour Punjab where paddy is cultivated more and their techniques should be adopted in Telangana. “Rice which has less calories and less sugar content are to be preferred. The farmer should be educated to prefer cultivating such high yielding varieties of paddy,” he said.

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