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COIMBATORE: The German India Round Table (GIRT) Coimbatore and GIRT Thuringia, a region in Germany, signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday to promote more direct industrial, research and educational collaboration between the two regions.

The MOU was signed at a city hotel in front of the minister of economic affairs, science and digital society of Thuringia, Wolfgang Tiefensee, and consul general of the consulate of Germany, Karin Stoll.

Speaking at the event, Stoll said working in India and dealing with German and Indian companies are always full of surprises. “It is an ongoing discovery of ‘hidden champions,’” she said. “For German Foreign Direct Investment, the Southeast has been traditionally very active,” she added.

“We want to make our partnership even more fruitful. Last year, we had set up a joint working commission between the state government, consulate general of Germany and Indoss German Chamber of Commerce,” she said.

Tiefensee said they were seeing many points of contact between India and Thuringia GRT both in business sector and in science and research. “At present, 89 Thuringian companies have export relations with India and are active at major international trade fairs in India and Germany. Our partner LEG organizes specific trips for companies on specific topics — we see many connections between Thuringia and India in the fields of medical technology, optics, photonic and engineering,” she said.

Chairman of Roots Group of Companies K Ramasamy said this MOU would allow GIRT Coimbatore’s head S Chandrasekar to connect directly with GIRT Thuringia’s head Franziska Doell on enquiries, technology requirements and business collaborations. “GIRT Coimbatore is a group of businessmen and industries. So, when any of them need any technical help, marketing of products or research, we can contact Thuringia directly instead of the Germany head. Thuringia will also contact Coimbatore directly for any collaborations they require, instead of reaching out to us, New Delhi and Pune,” he said. “We will check within industries within our respective regions for availability of the tech required, and if unavailable we will circulate to other chapters in the country,” he added.

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