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NAGPUR: Every singer cannot be Lata Mangeshkar or Mohammad Rafi no matter how much one tries. Similarly, not every one can have a voice like Amitabh Bachchan. Everyone is born with a different structure of vocal cords and hence has a unique voice. Voice is a signature that even helps identify a person. But a person’s voice doesn’t depend on vocal cords alone. A very intricate mechanism converts sound into voice, the difference is in pitches and types.

Thus, one must always respect, care and love their own voice. On World Voice Day on Tuesday, experts and ENT surgeons from city stressed on need for awareness to maintain one’s voice healthy by exercise and voice hygiene, especially the professional voice users like singers, politicians, teachers, salespersons, broadcasters etc.

Dr Gauri Kapre Vaidya, ENT surgeon, said the mechanism for generating human voice depended on three body parts, the lungs, the vocal folds within the larynx (voice box), and the articulators. The lung plays a very important part as a pump producing the required airflow and air pressure to vibrate the vocal folds. Breath is an important part of speaking. The pitch of voice differs depending on the size of the voice box — the bigger the larynx, smaller the pitch and vice versa. Women have high pitch while men have smaller pitch.

Like any other activity of body, with age the voice too changes. In males at puberty, there is a drastic change in voice that doesn’t happen to that extent in girls. In women, voice changes during and after menopause that doesn’t happen with men. With age, the pitch rises and voice becomes thinner. Voice can however change due to infections or other problems like cysts, polyps etc but all of these are treatable, said Dr Vaidya.

Dr Devendra Mahore, ENT professor, GMCH Gondia, said that no one should abuse, misuse or overuse his/her voice as it was as important a process as any in the body. He said singers specially should maintain vocal hygiene, not smoke or drink and breathe from diaphragm. Keeping the throat hydrated was yet another important factor for healthy voice. It is generally thought that practice improves the voice but it is not so. Practice can help one achieve a plateau but it cannot change the genetics that decides the structure of vocal cords.

Dr Bhagyashree Bokare, associate professor ENT at GMCH Nagpur, said one should never take one’s voice for granted. It changes even with the posture, breathing manner and vocal hygiene of a person. Posture compromises the functioning of lungs. Breath control exercises affect the voice substantially. Hence, she said professional voice users, especially singers, should sing only when they are physically comfortable. The singing should be effortless, flexible and relaxed.

Talking about different types of voices like head voice, chest voice, nasal voice, open voice and closed voice, Dr Bokare gave examples of different singers having these kind of voices — Rafi had open voice, while Mukesh had nasal. She also explained how one could best maintain one’s voice.

Yogendra Ranade and Isha Ranade, professional singers from city, sang a Hindi film song. Jai Joshi compèred the programme. It was organized by Gangadhar Chitnavis Trust and Neeti Clinics.

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