BJP flaunting surgical strike, Congress never praised itself for dividing Pakistan into two nations in 1971: Punjab Finance Minister | India News


BATHINDA: At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA is projecting the surgical strike II as its biggest achievement and allegedly trying to use it for electoral gains, Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal has gone on the offensive against it. Manpreet claims that while NDA is beating its chest over the surgical strike and using it as the biggest achievement ever, Congress had never used such gimmicks despite making rapid strides against Pakistan.

On Sunday which marked the completion of two years of the Congress government in Punjab, said that “NDA government claim of destroying terror camps in Pakistan and trying to encash it for electoral gains but it is the Congress government which had divided Pakistan into two parts in 1971 but never ever tried to use this for political gains”. He further said that it was no mean achievement that Indian Army had taken 93,000 army personnel as prisoners of war but never tried to use it as a tool to get political gains. It is high time that defence forces are kept out of political spectrum and we should desist from turning the action of defence forces as achievements of the elected government, he said.

Manpreet said it has been history of the Congress to make big achievements in every field be it is war front or creating infrastructure in the country like eminent educational institutes under the command of first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru but never involved politics into all this which the present dispensation at the centre is doing. He called upon the BJP to not to exploit army for political gains and keep it away from electoral politics.

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