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Ludhiana: With large chunks of land in the Bahadurke Road area turning into a pool of sewage water, industrialists and local residents have threatened to boycott parliamentary elections if nothing is done to solve the problem soon.

The problem has taken dangerous proportions as overflowing sewerage has flooded roads, parks and vacant plots in the past few months.

Up in arms against the Ludhiana municipal corporation, residents and businessmen said accumulation of sewage water in the area would lead to an outbreak of epidemic anytime if the authorities don’t wake up now.

Businessmen who have their industrial units in the area took out a protest rally on Tuesday to voice their anger against the MC.

They said the civic officials have not addressed the issue despite several complaints. They claimed the problem has gone unaddressed for months now.

Civic and police officials had to intervene to pacify the protesters.

Tarun Jain Bawa, president, Bahadurke Road textile and knitwear association, said they won’t tolerate the apathy of the civic authorities any further. “We have been protesting about blocked roads and choked sewerage for the past three months, but the civic officials have done nothing. “If the problem is not solved by this week, then we won’t hesitate to boycott the parliamentary elections,” Bawa said.

General secretary of the association Subhash Saini said the association had 325 members and there were close to 30,000 workers in factories, who are exposed to unhygienic environment. “Besides workers, thousands of residents have supported us in our cause and decided to boycott the polls,” said Saini. He said that it was now up to the authorities and the politicians on what efforts they wanted to make to sort out this issue.

He said that the call to boycott polls is the last resort as repeated representations and talks with authorities concerned have failed.

Indermohan Jain, chairman of the association, said, “We have approached the area councillor, opposition leaders, municipal corporation officials, but of no use. People of the area have been protesting every other day against the apathy, but that has failed to move the authorities.”

He said it was after Tuesday’s meeting that the members of the association and residents of the area decided to boycott the elections as that seemed to be the only option.

Executive engineer of MC Pardeep Saluja, under whose jurisdiction the area falls, said, “We are doing our best to resolve this problem at the earliest. We are hopeful that within a week, the problem will be resolved in the area.”

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