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Shahid Kapoor declares Janhvi Kapoor is not anyone special in Ishaan Khatter’s life | Hindi Movie News

Shahid Kapoor and brother Ishaan Khatter were the latest in the line of celebs to appear on Karan Johar‘s chat show. The host showed Ishaan a clip from Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor’s episode where the former said that Ishaan is constantly buzzing around the latter. When asked to react on it, Ishaan begins to talk but Shahid reacts to it instead and says, “I don’t know how often Arjun is around Janhvi to know how much Ishaan is buzzing around her. I wonder. Because I mean, are they around each other a lot? For him to have so much detail into your buzzing. Or is he assuming that? Based on the basis of how much Janhvi talks about you or that he hears about it?”

Ishaan then responds and says, “I am just generally buzzing around and some of it happens to be, sort of” but Shahid cuts in, “Ishaan is buzzing around most people. So, it’s not that as if, it’s, you know, Janhvi is not special like that. Okay? She should know this. Janhvi, he buzzes around a lot of people and it started many years ago with his mother and with me and now you’re one of those people he buzzes around, so he’s a buzzy guy.”

Ishaan also mouths ‘I am sorry’ to the camera which is supposedly meant for Janhvi. Karan also corrects Shahid by saying that Janhvi never agreed with Arjun when he said that Ishaan keeps buzzing around her. Shahid kept taking digs at Arjun’s buzzing comment throughout the episode.

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